Hi and welcome!

I’m Marina Prifti, human resources manager, coach, Theta Healer, and single mom of two kids, one of which has Asperger’s.

I help Asperger’s adults find the job they deserve by giving them the tools to prepare and unlock their potential, get rid of their self-doubt, anxiety and stress, and come across as the confident and unique individuals they are.

I also help neurotypical parents and caregivers understand their Aspies better, to support them in their life journey, and support themselves throughout this often nerve-racking, sometimes frustrating, but always worthwhile self-discovery process.

I have an analytical rational mind, cultivated by twenty years of corporate experience in human resources (executive search, professional development, training, coaching and mentoring), a degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Organization Studies, and a big, intuitive heart cultivated by Theta Healing, NLP, coaching and arts.

I’m an Accredited Certified Coach by International Coach Federation with over 500 coaching hours with professionals, entrepreneurs, large corporations and non-government organizations, an accredited NLP practitioner and a certified Theta Healing Practitioner and Instructor.

I have led numerous private and group sessions, seminars, workshops on coaching skills, career orientation and personal development in academic institutes and organizations.

My loves are my kids, Theta Healing, personal development, swimming, traveling and arts.